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judyEven though my body certainly does not have the youth and endurance that it had 40 or so years ago, I have to say I am sort of enjoying baking some of the items that I have not baked for so long.   My son Jake has risen to the occasion and has been helping me with the Raspberry Bars and is a pro at making both Chocolate Chip Cookie bars and Peanut Butter Cookie Bars, both of which have been selling like hotcakes.  My daughter Maya has started as well to help with the baking and frosting. But the “piece de resistance” was the pan of Fudge-Nut Brownies  I baked this past Saturday. When my daughter and I settled on the couch that evening we were both so remorseful that we had not brought one home to share.

The thing is that anything I make now is such a precious commodity (because of the labor put into it and the fact that I cannot make huge quantities), that I do not want to rob any of my customers of even a bar. I have let my employees know that regardless of the temptation, they are not allowed to eat these items until they are in greater production, although I do give them little samples and will reward myself with a just-baked brownie to eat at home during Scandal or whatever gripping show is on my repertoire that night.

What I have mostly learned is what seems like a tragic disaster to me at first in the scheme of things certainly was not. I have learned that positive energy and resourcefulness play a huge part in determining the outcome of any difficult situation.

BrownieAlthough Rosie’s still faces huge challenges as far as being able accommodate it’s customers with all their favorites, I think that our customers have shown incredible loyalty and patience as we inch our way back.  I have found 2 baking companies that are willing to bake the Rosie’s product for us and this will be in action soon.

Here are photos of some of the brownies that have been coming fresh out of the oven. I was thinking that I am going to start letting customers know what is available each day on Facebook. Within the next month I hope to have pulled a lot together!  So keep checking our site and Facebook for updates!!!

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At Rosie's Bakery we believe that food is one of the great pleasures of life.   We aim to create desserts that conjure up memories of favorite childhood treats and family gatherings: glorious layer cakes, fresh fruit pies and cookies and bars that are such an integral part of American cuisine. … [Read More...]

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So it’s been 40 years since I started baking in my home kitchen for a business that eventually became the Rosie’s of today. There have been ups and downs, failures and successes, but somehow my partner Eliot and I have managed to stay afloat despite the competition and adversity that we have faced … [Read More...]

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Judy’s Update

As many of you may know we have gone through a harrowing few months undergoing a major transition. We have been diligently searching for experienced bakers to produce our recipes so we can get back to offering you all the things  that you love and miss. In the meantime, I have been baker/manager… … [Read More...]

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